This 2 CD set is literally the tip of the musical ice berg as far as this rock group / film soundtrack composers and performers output is concerned.After the success of their recent European tour I thought it might be a good idea to review this impressive collection. This compilation represents the work they have carried out for director Dario Argento, plus it also includes excerpts from a live performance that they gave in 1979 that has never been previously released. Disc one is entitled ‘The Dario Argento & Goblin Music Legacy’ and includes tracks from Profondo Rosso, Tenebrae, Suspiria and Phenomena. The style of Goblin is something of an acquired taste, but saying this, there are a number of cues that can be likened to the musical compositions of Italian Maestros such as Stelvio Cipriani, Franco Bixio and at times Gianni Ferrio. The music is well constructed and the performances, too, are polished and vigorous, Profondo Rosso in particular stands out as being one of the collections highlight’s and the re-mix of the music from that movie on this CD is impressive.

Many collectors look down on electronic scores for film or film scores performed by bands etc, in this case I think its a case of dont knock it until you’ve heard it. Suspiria is a case in point, harpsichord, voice, percussion and a music box effect fuse together to create a disturbing piece that is full of tension and fearfulness. Also included from the same score there is a cue entitled ‘Witch’, this is also a chilling with the use of voice over rock inspired backgrounds that are heavy on bass guitar and percussion. It is just effective but it is also entertaining. The same can be said for the cue ‘Markos’ which is also from Suspiria. There is so much more to Goblin than just rock music,and the work that they have been responsible for in the Italian cinema has been original and inventive. Dont forget that the majority of the bands music for film was written and performed during the late 1970s and early 1980s, so they were definitely ahead of their time, in fact I would go as far as to say that they were the forerunners of other such ensembles such as Tangerine Dream. An interesting insight into the dark yet interesting musical world of Goblin. Packaged very well indeed, with picture of the band plus extensive notes all in a hardback gatefold cover.


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