bruno 56

A great release from the ever popular Digit movies label, this 1972 movie which is referred to as being part of the DEMAEROTICO genre of films which were produced in their abundance during the 1970,s. The production Stars the stunningly attractive actress Edwige Fenech and popular Italian comic Pippo Franco. The story is set in the medieval period where knights were bold in more ways than one and the ladies wore exquisite gowns (most of the time any way). An entertaining romp which is a saucy little comedy. Which I suppose is akin to the British CARRY ON,s, but more revealing, and probably a lot funnier. The score by Maestro Bruno Nicolai, is fairly typical of what the composer was producing during this period, and in a number of ways is similar to Ennio Morricone’s WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS and Nicolai,s own WHEN WOMEN LOST THEIR TAILS, it has that same energy and light but bubbly persona. The score opens with a fanfare of sorts, which one just knows cannot be taken seriously, as the composer utilizes muted trumpet which is slightly off key supported by rolling timpani, this is short lived and gives way to a comical sounding and catchy sounding theme, that in the movie introduces Pippo Franco,s character, who is a Knight returning from the wars. This theme is given several airings throughout the score in numerous arrangements, one of the most memorable being on track number 6 where the theme is performed on a music box type instrument. Even though the theme does reprise a number of times one never tires of hearing it. The other central theme is for Edwige Fenech’s character UBALDA, and is a particularly haunting and beautiful composition that is first heard on track number 7, Nicolai has penned a pleasing and light sounding composition, which again is reprised on a few of the cues and even combined with the Knights theme on occasion as on track number 10. As you progresses through the soundtrack it is possible that you will draw a few comparisons between this and other Nicolai works, such as GIORNATA SPESE BENE, as there are little musical phrases and motifs present that the composer has utilized before, but this I think is the appeal of the work and also of Nicolai, the outstanding track for me is cue number 9 which is a full version of the Ubalda theme, performed on strings with harpsichord, plucked electric guitar, faraway sounding horns, choir and solo female voice adding to its content, the only way I can describe it is to say think of the theme for THE RED TENT or even AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE LOVERS OF PEYNET, it is delicate and superb. So this is another triumph for Digit Movies, packaging is again up to the now expected high standard, and sound quality is excellent.


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