Like so many collectors during the 1970,s I was introduced to the music of Franco Micalizzi via his landmark score for the comedy western THEY CALL ME TRINITY, it was not until about a year later when I purchased the LP record THE BEST OF FRANCO MICALIZZI that I realised there was far more to this Maestro than the catchy little tunes on the Trinity score, Personally I am of the opinion that Micalizzi is probably the most important film music composer in Italy next to Morricone, he has the ability to create jazz infused cues and romantic emotive themes plus he has written some classic Italian western scores, which include some pretty infectious thematic material. I think my next encounter with Micalizzi came with THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, then THE TREE WITH PINK LEAVES and THE LAST SNOWS OF SPRING followed in quick succession, so as you can imagine I am over the moon that at last a number of this Maestro, s scores are being issued on CD. A release from Digitmovies has been this double soundtrack CD which has on it the score from the western SEI IELLATO AMICO HAI INCONTRATO SACRAMENTO and a thriller I DUE VOLTI DELLA PAURA. Now I would have been pleased with just SACRAMENTO but the second score is a bonus and a pretty amazing one too. The first score SACRAMENTO was originally issued on a promotional LP way back in 1972, which has proved to be very elusive, although some CDR LP transfers were made available a few years back via collectors. In many ways SACRAMENTO is similar to TRINITY, although personally I think it is a better structured and far better orchestrated work. Micalizzi utilizes again piano, electric and Spanish guitar and solo trumpet passages combined with soft almost romantic sounding strings, and punctuates the main themes with jaws harp and choir to add that certain Spaghetti western sound which he does to great effect. The score gives off the persona of being written for a comedy western at times, but also there are other cues which undoubtedly create the atmosphere of a serious and more urgent nature, the composer uses to wonderful effect the marvelous vocal talents of Edda dell Orso, and the distinct sound of IL CANTORI MODERNI both of which add depth and power to the work. This is an entertaining score that has the ability to stand on its own away from the images it was intended to enhance, and will be a sheer delight to all fans of Italian film music. The second score on this CD is as equally rare as the first; it too was originally issued on a promo LP back in the 1970,s and has been just as elusive as SACRAMENTO for collectors. I DUE VOLTI DELLA PAURA (THE TWO FACES OF EVIL) contains a score that is very much in the style of Morricone, strings, harpsichord, piano, percussion and female vocal combine to create a haunting yet easy going sounding theme, which as I have said could easily be mistaken for the work of Morricone, the remainder of the score is very much in the same vein, easy on the ear themes fill the soundtrack light and airy tone poems that are orchestrated and arranged with much skill and precision. Alongside these there are just a few tracks that can be described as dissonant and suspense filled but even these few examples of atonal writing are in their own way melodic. It is however the cues that contain what I label as the classic Italian sound of the more romantic and easy listening cues that are the attraction of this score, flawless and at times soaring female vocals, beat/shake compositions with an injection of a pop infused Hammond organ and romantically slanted tracks are all included here, this compact disc is probably one of the most entertaining and enriching listening experiences within the digit movies catalogue thus far, I say thus far because we can only hope that scores such as THE LAST SNOWS OF SPRING, THE TREE WITH PINK LEAVES and the excellent WHITE HORSES OF SUMMER all by Micalizzi will one day see a CD release on this label. Let’s hope it’s not too far off. It’s one of those CD,s that you buy for the first score, then end up loving the second score as well, which is always a delight as it is unexpected. As always art work and presentation are second to none and sound quality is exceptional. I cannot recommend this CD enough, just go and get it now!!!!!!!!!!!

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