Released on Digit Movies SENZA SAPERE NIENTE DI LEI was first seen in cinemas in 1969.The films story line is a dark and mysterious one, for which Maestro Ennio Morricone provided a suitably atmospheric soundtrack, the composer underlining the movies scenario effectively with a slow waltz like theme which is reprized throughout the score in varying arrangements containing differing orchestration etc. Also on this compact disc there are four rare cues of music which Morricone penned for a movie that was never made entitled LUI PER LEI, in the sleeve notes for the compact disc Claudio Fuiano explains that the Maestro wanted these cues included to make the disc a better listening experience for the collector, and admittedly it does seem to work, because although the theme which Morricone utilized for SENZA SAPERE NIENTE DI LEI is a haunting and interesting one, it does repeat it self in nearly every cue, the tracks from LUI PER LEI were released previously on two CAM library LP,s thus this is the first time that this music has been issued commercially, the four tracks in question cue numbers- 4, 7,10 and 13 are quite removed from the remainder of the music on the disc, in fact I would categorize the music as experimental and without melody, but saying this it is still enjoyable or interesting to listen to, after all Morricone wrote this music in 1970, so it was certainly way ahead of its time. To describe the music would be difficult because it is a combination of music and also musical sounds, meandering piano scales fade in and out as a guitar chords are played in the background and Alessandroni’s unmistakable and haunting whistle also fades in and out of the compositions, if I had to compare it to anything else by Morricone I would probably say it was akin to THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and also some of the cues on CITTA VIOLENTA. The only melodic cue out of the four is number 13, entitled LUI PER LEI, which I can only guess was to be the title or end theme, it is an easy on the ear lounge type track with choir and that typical Morricone sound from the late 1960,s which he employed so well in movies such as ESCALATION, LOVE CIRCLE and FORZA G. Returning to the main score on the disc, it is a pleasant enough work, but does suffer from repetition, maybe you can get too much of a good thing. Overall I would recommend the CD because it contains music from two movies in effect, and it shows just how versatile and talented the Maestro is. Again the compact disc is packaged extremely well by Digit Movies, with info on the movie and also on the music, it also contains a mini poster from the movie in its centre pages, a worth while listen.


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