Stelvio Cipriani is a composer who contributed a great deal of original and entertaining music to Italian movies from the early 1960,s through to the latter part of the 1980,s. Despite this his music is in comparison with other composers such as Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai poorly represented on compact disc. Italian company Digit movies have with this, one of their latest releases continued to make amends for this oversight. UN’OMBRA NELL’OMBRA was written by Pier Carpi in 1974, and it was Carpi who also directed the movie which was released in 1979 in Italy. Considered something of a masterpiece in the Devil movie genre this chilling tale of devil worship and possession is a riveting and convincing piece of cinema, which featured Ian Bannen, Frank Finlay, John Phillip Law and Irene Papas in its cast. Cipriani’s music although being for a horror movie still includes a fair amount of strong thematic material which is melodic and non atonal, this I am glad to say is a quality that Cipriani managed to sustain when being involved with movies of the horror genre, often scoring these types of movies in a strangely romantic fashion, thus lulling the watching audience into a false sense of security, so when the actual moment of violence or horror takes place it is more of a fright for the audience.


Cipriani,s score for UN’OMBRA NELL’ OMBRA is a fusion of symphonic and synthetic styles, the composer utilising electronic sounds to act as a background to the orchestral compositions, this is not a grandiose sounding soundtrack in any way, there are few sweeping or lush interludes, in fact it is a low key affair for the best part of its running time, the composer maintaining an uneasy atmosphere via his sparse scoring where he employs bass guitar, organ, percussion and the aforementioned electronic effects. This is a welcome addition to the Digit Movies catalogue, and hopefully more of Cipriani,s music will follow on this label. As always the compact disc is presented very well, containing striking cover art and numerous stills from the movie within its booklet, there are also notes about the movie by Claudio Fuiano, which are informative.

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