Deep in the Darkness is one of the latest offerings from the Kronos / Movie score Media (Scream Works) stable, this fairly recent collaboration between the two labels is producing some fine soundtracks and they seem to be coming thick and fast with the accent on the quality as well as the quantity. I love the releases on these labels because in the main they showcase the talents of composers who ordinarily we as collectors would not hear of until they get to do a big feature or we stumble across them by accident etc. DEEP IN THE DARKNESS is a wonderfully lyrical score but it also contains an air of darkness and an underlying atmosphere that is richly macabre and thickly menacing. Composer Matthew Llewellyn has crafted a score that works as a horror score but it also posses an abundance of melody within its running time. Directed by Colin Theys, Deep in the Darkness follows the journey of Dr. Michael Cayle (Sean Patrick Thomas) who decides to leave the chaos of New York City for the more calmer and quieter location of Ashborough, which he hopes will eventually bring his family closer together. Soon after arriving, however, he discovers that the town has a dark and ominous secret which is a horrifying and controlling race of creatures that live amongst the darkness in the woods behind his home. Matthew Llewellyn is no stranger to film scoring both as a composer in his own right with scores for DEAD SOULS and REMAINS but also he has worked on several other movies providing additional music, these include IRON MAN 3, NOW YOU SEE ME and THOR THE DARK WORLD, he has also worked on a number of video games, MODERN WARFARE: CALL OF DUTY and ASSASSINS CREED IV: BLACK FLAG where he acted as musical arranger. DEEP IN THE DARKNESS is the composers third assignment for the Chiller network which is associated with NBC-UNIVERSAL and for me has to it a sound and style that is not dissimilar to that of composer Daniel Licht and at times I was reminded also of the work of Italian Maestro Pino Donaggio, of course both Licht and Donaggio excelled within the genre of the horror movie, providing musical mayhem and gut wrenching musical stabs for movies such as THE HOWLING, TOURIST TRAP, CARRIE and CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT etc., but like Llewellyn they to managed to retain a certain amount of melody even a the most harrowing or frightening and tense moments in their soundtracks. Llewellyn’s music is strong and forthright and near Herrmanesque in places, filled with a richness and luxurious ambience and also has within it a sound that easily conjures up a sense and atmosphere of menace, foreboding and malevolence. The composer fuses both brass and strings to create a commanding and vibrant work and also utilizes piano, rumbling percussion and woodwind to augment and further embellish the proceedings.


It is a work that I am confident will be popular among collectors of fine movie music and also a score that radiates a certain kind of lushness which is at times romantic but at the same time is unnerving. Totally recommended.


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