A comic genius and an accomplished actor, so sad he chose to end his life, the whole world will be stunned for a long time. It is an empty place without him. Since the sad passing of Robin Williams I see that a number of radio stations and TV providers have put on tributes to his immense talent, I don’t think that the passing of an actor has ever effected me in such a way, it is a sad and terrible thing to think that this giant of comedy and highly creative and gifted individual has now gone, we will never see any new material from his busy, inventive and alas troubled mind anymore. We do I know have the movies, the TV shows and DVD,s with his wonderful performances, his hysterical comic stand up etc. I watched AWAKENINGS soon after his death, Robert De Niro is superb as always, but Robin Williams performance was so touching and also in many ways understated so much so that he shone through and touched me even more. His death leaves a void in the world of comedy, acting and in the world overall. How can we as fans and devotees of this man ever recover from such a loss? The answer is we cant, but we can remember him, his awkward grin,his deep and emotion filled eyes that were so so sad and his devilish quick wit and every time we recall these, I know we will smile. Farewell Mork.






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