Highly influenced by the Hammer gothic horrors and subsequent productions from Amicus and the like IL PLENILUNIO DELLA VERGINI (THE DEVILS WEDDING NIGHT or FULL MOON OF THE VIRGINS) is a horror fest laced with nudity and lots of blood letting. The musical score is the work of Bulgarian born composer Vasco Vassil Kojucharov who was particularly busy in Italy during the 1970,s. The composer turned his talents to writing scores for westerns, spy thrillers and also horror flicks as in this case, he at times worked with Nino Rota and as well as film music was engaged in the composition of music for the concert hall which was labelled as being Avante Garde. The soundtrack is a rather odd affair as it is a fusion of styles and sounds that encompass pop orientated pieces that are infectious and upbeat and at times do certainly sound a little like music from a western to sombre and chilling sounding compositions which include inventive and original orchestrations which incorporate choir, solo female voice and electronic support. Released by the ever industrious BEAT records it is I would say an oddity but although obscure is still an interesting work.

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