Originally released in 2002, SUM OF ALL FEARS is a contemporary film score classic that was penned by the great Jerry Goldsmith,the composer seamlessly fusing symphonic with electronic and as always creating something that is highly entertaining, edgy and exciting. Although an action led score it still remains listenable away from the movie and is a prime example of the work Goldsmith was doing during this period of his career. This edition on La La Land records is an expanded version of the original compact disc release which was on Elektra records and includes a number of cues that were up until now unreleased,it also includes over ten minutes of bonus material and three songs which were utilised within the movie and overall has an extra 30 minutes of music. Nicely presented as always by La La Land records and includes informative notes by Jeff Bond who also give us a track by track description of the score. Even if you already have the original release this is certainly worth adding to your collection.


la la land records. LLLCD1295.

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