Hans Zimmer for me is not as many are saying lately the greatest film music composer in the world, I have to say that I do at times like what he produces but I also have reservations about his music in the originality department as I am sure you will agree one can hear snippets and brief passages of other composers music within his soundtracks. But enough said about this, THE PEACEMAKER was a movie that I must say I did enjoy, and the music that Zimmer produced for the film fitted the action on screen like the proverbial glove, tense and nervous pieces melded with high octane action compositions and all held together with a strong Russian influenced sound that the composer created by way of martial sounding music and also an imposing male voice choir. This is something that Basil Poledouris also utilised before Zimmer invented it in his score for THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER in 1990 to great effect. Zimmer for me uses music effectively in movies and his scores certainly underline the action on screen but again I have to say it is the originality I have the problem with. This release of THE PEACEMAKER is an expanded version on two discs; it includes a lot of bonus tracks and also has cues that were previously not issued including Harry Gregson Williams music for the trailer. Presentation is as always wonderful by La La Land records.



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