Possibly one of Ennio Morricone’s most notable Giallo film scores UNA LUCERTOLA CON LA PELLE DI DONNA (WOMAN IN LIZARDS SKIN) is a tense and engrossing story filmed by famed and respected Italian Director Lucio Fulci. This edition of the soundtrack is a greatly expanded version and contains nearly 90 minutes of music. Morricone’s soundtrack is a perfect example of what the composer was creating during this period (1971). Filled to overflowing with electronic and at times discordant but interesting musical sounds that are lightened and enhanced by the composers inclusion of bossa nova type pieces and steamy female vocals courtesy of Edda Dell Orso, Alessandro Alessandroni’s whistling and his choir Il Cantori Moderni, infectious organ passages and various upbeat and psychedelic sounding funky grooves that are laced with jazz influences UNA LUCERTOLA CON LA PELLE DI DONNA is a veritable smorgasbord of inventive and entertaining sounds that are now firmly associated with Morricone and this era of Italian film making. A double compact disc release this is a must have item for fans of Morricone and also Italian giallo fans. Presented wonderfully with eye catching and colourful art work and informative notes by Andrea Morandi of CIAK magazine.



CDCR 123.