Released in 1999, WITH FIRE AND SWORDS is movie that was produced in Poland. It is a sweeping and highly volatile epic story that is filled to the brim with great battles, adventurous undertakings, heroism and romance. A truly riveting tale about the Ukrainian uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth magnates in the 17th Century.

This was the first part of the story and there were other instalments filmed but I think this is probably the most realistic and interesting. The movie was based upon the writings of author Henry Sienkiewicz who’s fictitious historical story was first published as a novel in 1884. WITH FIRE AND SWORDS is the first story of three that is known as the Trilogy in Poland, the second being THE DELUGE which was published in 1886 and the third instalment being entitled FIRE IN THE STEPPE which was originally published as COLONEL WOLODYJOWSKI.

The original novel has been adapted and presented as a movie on many occasions, but it was this particular version that seemed to attract the most attention both inside Poland and around the globe. The Trilogy of stories became obligatory reading in Poland at the turn of the 20th Century as it was seen as a vehicle for expressing patriotism within the country when it was deprived of its independence.

The musical score is by composer Krzesimir Debski, who provided the action and romance on screen with a soundtrack that is just as epic and enthralling as the film’s storyline. The composer’s score is filled with wistful and haunting melodies that interweave and complement each other through an abundance of action led music and has to it an atmosphere that literally oozes adventure, emotion and drama. Highly recommended.

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