Maestro Piero Piccioni, was one of the great composers who were active in Italy during the 1950,s through to the nineties, his scores were varied and also inventive but as we all probably know he did lean towards the jazz elements when it came to any film score which included his Italian western soundtracks. LE ALTRE is a delightful work and I am so pleased that BEAT records have seen fit to release the full soundtrack on a double compact disc set. The music is light airy and melodic, the composer takes us on a musical journey through pop orientated cues, light and laid back easy listening compositions and also jazz influenced passages that are tuneful and haunting. Piccioni makes excellent use of piano, harpsichord and also choir with the emphasise also on solo female voice in certain cues. The score is a simple but effective one and is easy on the ear, Piccioni creating beautifully melodious pieces that glide and amble along evoking the sound of the late 1960,s steamy saxophone, cool sounding organ, strummed guitar and stroked percussion combine and compliment each other along the way all punctuated and supported by double bass. Plus we have the odd shake track that slips in here and there creating something of a stir in a nice way. This is a score that you should own, presented well by BEAT records with great sound quality and informative notes by Andrea Morandi of CIAK magazine with technical notes written by Claudio Fuiano. Another must have for Italian film music enthusiasts.

Available on BEAT RECORDS (ITALY) BCM 9523.

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