SWEDEN HEAVEN AND HELL, is a great soundtrack composed and conducted by revered and respected Italian Maestro and jazz artist extraordinaire Piero Umiliani, BEAT records and Digit Movies have teamed up to bring us this new edition of the score which has wonderfully restored sound. I think the attraction of the soundtrack is the performances of Alessandroni and his distinct sounding singing group IL CANTORI MODERNI, they add so much to the proceedings and yes I know that it is Maestro Umiliani who composed and orchestrated the music but their performances are also an important and integral component of the work. I am pleased that BEAT/DIGIT MOVIES have given full credit to Alessandroni and his singers for the work they did on the score. Too often Alessandroni is ignored which is in a word unforgivable.

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SWEDEN HEAVEN AND HELL contains a plethora of thematic material but the outstanding cue has to be the now classic composition MAH NA MAH NA performed so flawlessly by Alessandro and company. It is a composition that instantly lifts the listener and makes smiles break out everywhere. Primarily a jazz score with sweet bossa nova’s and haunting and endearing easy listening cues sprinkled throughout it is a compact disc that one can just pop into the player and let it play, because every track is a gem a delight and piece of Italian film music history. Presented well with numerous stills from the movie and also a selection of publicity posters reproduced throughout. Certainly worth adding to your collection.

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This new edition also features the original artwork used for the first album release (of which only several hundred copies were pressed, making it a cult object among collectors) and includes every single note recorded for the movie.

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available on DIGI-BEAT DGBT001

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