The music of Piero Piccioni was a great influence upon people during the 1960,s and 1970,s. He along with Ennio Morricone was probably one of the busiest composers in Italy that was writing for film at this time. Piccioni could turn his composing hand to almost any genre of film, but he seemed to excel in the world of the Eurospy and scored numerous examples of these movies. But I have to say that NIENTE ROSE PER OSS 117 is something of a disappointment, I think because the composer was involved with so many of these low budgets but entertaining movies his attention to originality began to stray slightly. NIENTE ROSE PER OSS 117 is a collection of nice enough themes but to be honest these themes could be taken from any number of other scores that Piccioni was responsible for during this period and by the third or maybe fourth cue it becomes a little tiring and monotonous. To be truthful I could not really differentiate where one track stopped and the next started and rather than a soundtrack to a Eurospy movie I began to think I was listening to an easy listening compilation and although packaged and presented well by BEAT with clear and lush sound quality for me personally this is a disc that will sadly remain in its jewel case after my initial first few listens, its good to see it released but honestly it could have probably remained in the archive for a little longer.

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It is such a shame that the late Roberto Pregadio is not more widely represented on compact disc his music after all was an important and vital element of Italian cinema. ERIKA is a soft porn drama that was fairly typical of movies that were being produced in Italy towards the end of the 1960,s and into the early 1970, s. Pregadio created a charming and infectious score for the film and his soundtrack is brimming to overflowing with cool sounding pop shake material, smooth and light easy listening passages and smokey, steamy and erotic sounding compositions. The composer employing soft and wistful woodwind on a number of occasions to set the scene. Light strings and punctuating bass and percussion also play a big part in the creation of the sound and style of the score. It is I suppose text book Italian film score material blending a slightly classical approach with a more upbeat and modern style. Piano, guitar and flute are the mainstays of the score with strings and percussion adding support with fragile flourishes of harpsichord occasionally entering into the equation. A rewarding and entertaining release which is packaged well by BEAT containing a number of stills from the movie and liner notes by Fabio Babini.

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SWEDEN HEAVEN AND HELL, is a great soundtrack composed and conducted by revered and respected Italian Maestro and jazz artist extraordinaire Piero Umiliani, BEAT records and Digit Movies have teamed up to bring us this new edition of the score which has wonderfully restored sound. I think the attraction of the soundtrack is the performances of Alessandroni and his distinct sounding singing group IL CANTORI MODERNI, they add so much to the proceedings and yes I know that it is Maestro Umiliani who composed and orchestrated the music but their performances are also an important and integral component of the work. I am pleased that BEAT/DIGIT MOVIES have given full credit to Alessandroni and his singers for the work they did on the score. Too often Alessandroni is ignored which is in a word unforgivable.

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SWEDEN HEAVEN AND HELL contains a plethora of thematic material but the outstanding cue has to be the now classic composition MAH NA MAH NA performed so flawlessly by Alessandro and company. It is a composition that instantly lifts the listener and makes smiles break out everywhere. Primarily a jazz score with sweet bossa nova’s and haunting and endearing easy listening cues sprinkled throughout it is a compact disc that one can just pop into the player and let it play, because every track is a gem a delight and piece of Italian film music history. Presented well with numerous stills from the movie and also a selection of publicity posters reproduced throughout. Certainly worth adding to your collection.

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This new edition also features the original artwork used for the first album release (of which only several hundred copies were pressed, making it a cult object among collectors) and includes every single note recorded for the movie.

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available on DIGI-BEAT DGBT001



Maestro Piero Piccioni, was one of the great composers who were active in Italy during the 1950,s through to the nineties, his scores were varied and also inventive but as we all probably know he did lean towards the jazz elements when it came to any film score which included his Italian western soundtracks. LE ALTRE is a delightful work and I am so pleased that BEAT records have seen fit to release the full soundtrack on a double compact disc set. The music is light airy and melodic, the composer takes us on a musical journey through pop orientated cues, light and laid back easy listening compositions and also jazz influenced passages that are tuneful and haunting. Piccioni makes excellent use of piano, harpsichord and also choir with the emphasise also on solo female voice in certain cues. The score is a simple but effective one and is easy on the ear, Piccioni creating beautifully melodious pieces that glide and amble along evoking the sound of the late 1960,s steamy saxophone, cool sounding organ, strummed guitar and stroked percussion combine and compliment each other along the way all punctuated and supported by double bass. Plus we have the odd shake track that slips in here and there creating something of a stir in a nice way. This is a score that you should own, presented well by BEAT records with great sound quality and informative notes by Andrea Morandi of CIAK magazine with technical notes written by Claudio Fuiano. Another must have for Italian film music enthusiasts.

Available on BEAT RECORDS (ITALY) BCM 9523.