wicked blood

After recently listening to and enjoying Elia Cmiral, s glorious score for ATLAS SHATTERED 3, I was pleased to see that Varese Sarabande had released the composers score for WICKED BLOOD, the two scores are to coin a phrase like chalk and cheese or at least are very different animals in style and sound. The ATLAS SHATTERED score is dramatic and also romantic even lush and lavish, whereas WICKED BLOOD is slightly darker in its overall make up and tone with the composers music taking on a more intimate persona and as I have already stated being darker brooding and quietly threatening in places. The orchestration and also the instrumentation on the score is completely different from AS 3, but this shows us just how inventive and talented Cmiral is as a composer changing atmospheres and moods to fit every genre. WICKED BLOOD is a straight to DVD release directed by Mark Young, this thriller is pretty impressive and Cmiral, s music supports and also elevates the scenarios being acted out perfectly.

elia 14

Of course Elia Cmiral is probably best known for his soundtrack to RONIN which brought him recognition and acclaim, since then however he has been wrongly under utilised and is in a word underrated. The score for WICKED BLOOD has to it a folk or even slight country/Southern States sound within it and it is this sound or style that I suppose is the backbone or central focal point of the work the composer using solo violin and also a string quartet at one point to create this kind of laid back but at the same time lonely sound which he purveys to a greater degree with guitar in many of the cues. There is however another side to the score which is more intense and also one which purveys an almost sombre darkness but all the time it remains melodious and I suppose has a fragility to it which is relayed by sporadic and fleeting use of solo piano. Synthetic sounds or electronics do come into the equation but even these remain fairly melodic and low key and fuse seamlessly with the acoustic sound of the guitar, the solo performances on violin and the strings and piano. Certainly worth checking out.