IL ROLLERBOY, circa 1980, is a low budget Italian production that has a curious and really a wasteful plot, by wasteful I mean it was a waste of time actually writing this rubbish and then turning into a movie. So the less said about the boring and uninteresting film the better. The score is by Italian Maestro Stelvio Cipriani, and although I have to say I am normally a fan of Cipriani and he is a very genuine person and in 99.9 percent of scenarios delivers great film music that is original and memorable he certainly must have had a bad day at the office when he got involved with this little classic. It is basically a collection of upbeat instantly forgettable tunes with a few vocals thrown in (literally) along the way. It is a mystery to me that BEAT records who have like many other labels begun to release a lot of soundtracks that were originally issued on the illustrious CAM label, so why pick material such as this it is not exactly interesting or original in fact its mind numbing in the worst sense of that word. The scores only saving grace is one particularly attractive cue entitled THE ROAD TO CALIFORNIA, which has harmonica lead and is a pleasant easy going theme. The remainder of the score is a serious film music collector’s nightmare and includes sub standard disco hits; you know the ones that you find on the compilations as fillers for the real hits. The songs include that evergreen disco stomper by Dwayne Ford YOU, VE GOT TO BE MEANT or is that MEAN (I think so). Track number seven is DISCO MEN, yes; surely you know that contagious classic? (Nope, neither do I) but it goes down a storm in roller discos and sounds very similar to DANNY BOY by the way (is,nt that copyright infringement as there is no mention of it in the credits). Enough said I think, IL ROLLERBOY, is certainly a case of the music being better than the movie it was written for, but saying that the music is nothing special in fact its nothing really at all, certainly a miss in my book. Again it’s a case of record companies issuing scores for the sake of doing so, why release this when there are so many other good soundtracks in the CAM catalogue that deserve a release on compact disc for the first time, it’s a waste of time and effort not to mention money for record companies, a pointless exercise that will I know end up stuck on a shelf in an archive or languish for weeks in the bargain bin until finally some poor unsuspecting member of the public decides to shell out 50 pence on it and even then they would have paid over the odds. Avoid it like the plague…..The composer should have.

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