Its been a decade since Mel Gibson’s controversial but highly popular movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was released. It caused quite a ripple amongst Church goers and also ruffled a few feathers throughout the world but was also acclaimed by as many people for its qualities and its content. One of the striking elements of the movie was its haunting and at times disturbing musical score. Composer John Debney fashioned a soundtrack that is dramatic, romantic and also celestial. Filled with authentic and ethnic sounds and instrumentation, choral passages, both female and male voices driving percussion and at times grotesque and twisted compositions which although are not melodic still have to them a certain attractive quality. The composer also provided the film with a plethora of melodious compositions many of them being delicate and intricate, others being sweeping and lavish. LA LA LAND RECORDS have released this two disc set of the score to mark the movies tenth anniversary, it is after all an iconic score and also a work that was an important milestone in the careers of both director Gibson and composer Debney. Again I have to stress that this is not really a review as you are all probably aware of just how good this music is, its more of a heads up to collectors making them aware that this 2 disc set is available on the LA LA LAND label. This double compact disc contains numerous tracks that have either never been released before or tracks that were released that contain extra material, plus on disc two there are ten bonus cues which include the trailer music and also alternate versions of cues already included on disc one. There are over two hours of music here in fact 2 hours and 12 mins, a groundbreaking score that now receives a groundbreaking and definitive release. Definitely one to add to your collection..

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