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Another great release from the ever industrious Godwin Borg at Kronos records. DON GIOVANNI IN SICILIA is the score from the RAI TV series that was aired in three episodes in 1977, Nicolai provided the series with a haunting and accomplished soundtrack, penning a simple but infectious central theme that featured the whistling talents of Alessandro Alessandroni. The music is I suppose a mix of both dramatic and folk sounding colours with the composer fusing both of these styles seamlessly and perfectly. The score is filled to overflowing with affecting and uplifting themes, Nicolai utilising mandolin, harpsichord, accordion, guitar and subtle strings and woodwind. It is a score that is in no way grandiose or overpowering, in fact it is rather low key in places but because it is delicate and somewhat fragile in its sound and style the music works so well within the context of the series and is also a rewarding and pleasant listening experience away from the images on screen. In may ways similar to a handful of other Nicolai scores simply because of its orchestration DON GIOVANNI IN SICILIA I think will be a popular release with collectors and also fans of the composer, in my humble opinion Nicolai was unfairly neglected during the 1960,s and also the 1970,s when he was at his busiest as a composer, conductor and arranger. He contributed so much to world of Italian film music and on many occasions was not given credit for his involvement. He was a gifted conductor but let us not also forget he was a great composer, a music smith of incredible originality who sadly was on so many occasions overshadowed by the success of his peers. This is a welcome addition to the at last growing catalogue of Nicolai soundtracks that are being released, let us hope it is not the last. Well worth investing in.


  1. I agree, Maestro Nicolai is one of the great! I hope we have soon in CD, remastered and expanded, the wonderful ‘Allora il treno’, ‘Civilta del Mediterraneo’ and your libraries ‘Tempo Sospeso’ and ‘Girasole Girasol’.

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