LE VENT DES REGRETS, (THE WIND OF REGRET), was released in 2014 and is an independent French movie. The film contains a beautifully emotive and haunting musical score by composer Ivan Palomares. Born in Spain the composer has provided this motion picture with an affecting and highly emotive soundtrack. Cello and piano feature large within the work and both instruments combine to create what is essentially the foundation on which the composer builds the remainder of his soundtrack. Mournful and melancholic solo cello performances weave in and out of many of the cues and at times just seems to appear or glide unpretentiously into the proceedings injecting them with a rich and incredibly poignant sound and creating a musical persona that is both heart warming and heart breaking. The composer brings into the equation a solo violin performance at times and also enlists a string section which along with subtle piano enhance and support the cello and violin giving them a greater impact and effect, in many ways the sadness expressed within the cello performances reminded me of Morricone,s quieter moments from MOSES where he utilised the instrument to create a tragic and aching lament, the sound achieved here also evoked memories for me personally of Christopher Gordon’s ON THE BEACH soundtrack. When listening to LE VENT DES REGRETS it conjures up so many emotions and feelings the composer colouring in the blank canvas with so many shades and tones, the music draws the listener into a world that is filled with fragility and yet laced with darkness, it has to it an intimacy and purveys a pureness and innocence that is refreshing and beguiling.


The music is delicate and at times unassuming but works wonderfully within the film underlining key moments without being intrusive, the soundtrack also has a life away from the images and scenarios it was intended to support and is an enriching and rewarding listening experience. The score which is quite a brief work runs from track 1 to 9 on the compact disc release, with tracks 10 through to track number 24 being like a show-reel compilation that showcases a handful of cues from the composers eclectic body of work, this is a wonderful selection of music which is varied and highly entertaining and ranges from comedic sounding interludes to subdued and romantic pieces and also includes a number of compositions that would not be out of place within any Hollywood block buster. Check out the short lived but highly dramatic and pulsating CHASING DRACULA and the exhilarating tracks MOTION and SOARING. Plus the quieter and melancholy sounding CAMINO and the African influenced FLYING OVER GARAMBA. The compositions are inventive, original and above anything entertaining. Hats off to Kronos records once again for bringing another wonderful talent to the attention of collectors and also putting together another incredible release. Please do not miss out on this release pre order it ASAP. Released very soon.

wind of regrets