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Released in 2014, TRAVELATOR is a thrilling indie action movie, its storyline focusing upon a young man named Slovene, The young Slovenian lives a difficult and at times hard life in Serbia where the majority of his time is taken up with the playing of violent video games. He lives with his Mother in a refugee shelter as they are both refugees from the civil war. His Mother becomes very ill and Slovene needs money to get her the treatment she needs, he eventually becomes involved with a group of mobsters who convince him that they are Serbian patriots, which he becomes suspicious of because they speak amongst themselves in a Scandinavian language. The gangsters hire Slovene to go to Las Vegas where he is to kill a Serbian criminal who has taken refuge there. Because Slovene has endured a life of poverty he very easily and quickly becomes seduced by the luxurious lifestyle of many that live in Las Vegas. He also becomes romantically involved with a young woman Veronika who works as a stripper. Directed by Dusan Milic the scenes in Las Vegas are filmed in a real life style by this I mean the film crew simply went out onto the streets without any permission and filmed with everyday life and everyday people going about their daily business who were oblivious to the fact that they were being captured on celluloid. These scenes are a stark contrast from the scenes that were filmed in Serbia, with the Serbian locations being filled with dark and run down locations that reflect perfectly the poverty of the Country.


The musical score for the movie is a fusion of styles and musical textures, it relies much upon electronic sounds both musical and otherwise, plus there are a number of gentler interludes performed on guitar, the composer also making effective use of subdued strings at key points within the score which are of varying mood at times being harsh and dissonant and at other points becoming mellow and almost alluring. The composer also employs a flawless Soprano and choir within the score and these combined with strings are simply stunning and inspiring. Plus there are numerous electro pieces which at times are fast paced and relentless and do become somewhat grating and difficult to listen to as music away from the film that they were intended to enhance, but they underline and support the action unfolding on screen perfectly, the music not only enhances the images and punctuates the storyline adding depth and giving the storyline a greater impact, but it becomes an integral part of the storyline. The music which contains a number of performances on ethnic instruments is not only rhythmic but also attractive and beguiling is courtesy of Serbian born composer Aleksander Randjelovic who is known for his work on projects such as I GIORNI DELL’ABBANDONO (2005). GENESIS RISING (2007) which is a video game and ST. GEORGE SHOOTS THE DRAGON (2009) for which the composer received acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Aleksander Randjelovic is a composer of applied music who specializes in writing for film and television, and has also ventured into composing scores for video games.