Composer Carlo Savina is probably more familiar to collectors of film music as a conductor rather than a composer. The Maestro was musical director on a handful of scores for Miklos Rozsa and also worked with Nino Rota, it was Savina that conducted Rozsa’s rousing music for EL CID and also held the baton for Rota on THE GODFATHER soundtrack. Savina is however a prolific and talented composer in his own right, the Maestro has worked on numerous Italian movies and television productions and has created haunting and memorable soundtracks for, romances, thrillers, epics and westerns he was also particularly active within the genre of comedy films. His music for this particular genre or collective of films worked well because rather than take the head on approach and score a slapstick comedy with riotous sounding madcap themes he would often take a more subdued approach and score away from the actual punch lines or raucous behaviour on screen. Thus creating another level to the scenarios being acted out on screen. LA MOTORIZZATE (THE MOTORIZED WOMAN) was released in 1963 and starred among others the King of Italian comedy movies Toto. The movie was a collection of four stories which were in effect films within a film, all pretty oddball stories but never the less amusing in their own way. The composer has fashioned a pleasing and for the most part a low key score for the movie, there are no large or epic pieces here, it is a jazz influenced work which leans towards the lounge or easy listening areas of music, but nevertheless it is a memorable work with its fair share of more upbeat moments and even hints of romantic interludes at certain points within its duration.


The composer utilising muted trumpet punctuations and solos, Smokey and sensual sounding woodwind that are given support from the string section which are underlined with soft percussion, both of these elements are given further support and are embellished by delicately placed vibes and rhythmic bass lines that not only support but move the music along on an easy airy wave of coolness. Savina creates a sophisticated sounding score which is not in any way complex or hard to digest. LA MOTORIZZATE is a worthwhile purchase and also a score that I am certain will become a favourite for Italian film music collectors, another interesting release from Kronos, worth a listen.