I say here and now I refuse to apologise for loving the music of Scott Glasgow, I think the first score of his I heard was LO and have tried to get every soundtrack he has released since. I particularly enjoyed RIDDLE ( which is also reviewed on this site), Glasgow is not just a composer in his own right he works extensively with other composers preparing scores and also writing additional music cues for numerous films, which include some big box office success such as SPIDER MAN 2 and CAPTAIN AMERICA-CIVIL WAR. One of his latest assignments as a composer is THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY which is in my opinion a highly accomplished and darkly entertaining score. This is not a film that will be loved by the kiddy-winks nor is it one that is filled with lovely little songs and dances all’a Disney instead of BIBIDDY BOBIDDY BOO we have here a darker and more adult take on the classic Grimm Brothers tale. Thomas Kaiser played by actor Ethan Peck unexpectedly inherits a mansion which has been in his family for generations but soon finds out he has not just inherited bricks and mortar but also an ancient curse that is attached to his inheritance which goes back to the times of the Crusades. He has inherited the role of the protector and it is his duty to keep the evil demons that dwell within the mansion at bay. He joins forces with a local paranormal expert in a bid to unravel the many mysteries the house has and also attempts to awaken the beautiful Briar Rose who is held a prisoner in a fearsome and terrifying netherworld which Thomas has previously visited in his disturbing dreams and nightmares.


The music is a vital component within the movie and aids the films somewhat complicated plot and storyline, in fact the films story becomes a little confusing about mid-way through and gets a little lost, ending before one has really had a chance to digest fully the plot and sub plots and draw any conclusions as to what has happened. The composer treats us to a score that is filled with richly dark and atonal pieces that although maybe are not melodic still have the ability to be attractive and alluring, the work includes a beautiful and sorrowful cello piece which is in a word stunning. I am loathed to do a more in depth review of the score because as I say I am a fan, so really all I can say is take a chance buy it, download it and just let this beautifully gothic, inventive and highly dramatic sounding work wash over you take it in, soak it up and just be amazed by its beguiling and haunting musical passages that tantalise and at times have the ability to make one feel uneasy. RECOMMENDED. Released by Movie Score Media.