Well I suppose it was inevitable, in the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY we whooped E.T,S ass good and proper thanks to Will Smith with a little help from Jeff Goldblum and company. So it just had to happen those cute looking but nasty sadistic human race annihilating aliens decided to have another go at taking over planet earth, do they this time come in peace, no I don’t think so. So once again here we go it’s a battle to save the earth the human race and of course THE AMERICAN WAY. I personally think that the aliens thought you know what we don’t really want this planet its shot anyway but these stupid people who inhabit it are really making a right pigs ear of things and we don’t particularly like them so why not? Lets just take the planet and obliterate these disagreeable and argumentative beings whilst we are at it. This time however the nations of the world have got together and using technology recovered from the first invasion attempt they have built a huge defensive program which is designed to protect the earth from any invasion attempted by extraterrestrials‘, Will it work or have the Aliens become even more advance in the two decades that have past since their last attempt, who knows I guess we will have to pay our money and go see the movie. The original movie contained a wonderfully theme filled score by British composer David Arnold and I am glad to say that some of Mr Arnolds stirring theme from the original film have been incorporated into the new score by composers Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser who have collaborated on a number of “apocalyptic” movies including THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and 2012, and have also scored movies as solo composers. They do have a reputation for producing big scores which I suppose is only right as they have worked on numerous big box office success’s. What I like about this composing duo is that they deliver the goods in the action department and produced some pulsating and powerful works performed by symphony orchestras that are bolstered and supported by the use of synthetics, but they also have a knack of creating some strong and also vibrant and melodic thematic material which in movies such as INDEPENDENCE DAY-RESURGENCE works a treat and the composers always seem to get the balance correct, they infuse the right amount of melancholy, the exact amount of drama and the ever present atmosphere of dread and then there is the underlying sense of patriotism and a sound that just oozes GOD BLESS AMERICA because we all know its going to turn out ok and of course the United States will save the day again, thank God. I actually really enjoyed listening to this score, I never once reached for the fast forward or the pause or even the deadly eject buttons.

It is symphonic with the majority of the cues being handed too the strings and brass that are supported and enhanced by driving percussive elements that at times are further bolstered and given a more authoritative stature by the inclusion of choir, together these elements keep up a relentless pace and also give the work a dominance and over ally commanding mood. There are very few quieter moments within the score and if you do happen upon one it is an exhilarating and rewarding listen with the composers putting to good use the string section which at times in embellished with woods giving it a wholesome or lavishly romantic feel. I loved David Arnolds INDEPENDENCE DAY and I also love this score as well, they are written in a very similar style, by this I mean robust, brash at times and filled with gripping, expansive musical passages and motifs that grab the listeners attention instantly and radiate excitement, tension and action. It is a score that you as a soundtrack collector should own, high octane, forceful and unrelenting.