The original GHOSTBUSTERS was without a doubt a popular movie, indeed nowadays it has something of a cult following, as does its soundtrack both the songs and the score by the late great Elmer Bernstein. So when reviewing the score for the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie I decided to try at least not to make any comparisons between the two scores. Essentially a comedy movie the new GHOSTBUSTERS also has its fair share of scary moments and jumps and jolts, it also contains a highly polished and atmospheric score by composer Theodore Shapiro, we all as film music collectors are aware of the ample talents of this composer, his soundtracks have entertained us over the past few years when he worked on such movies as THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, SPY, MARLEY AND ME, ST VINCENT, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY and his particularly inventive score for TRUMBO etc etc, but I have to say with GHOSTBUSTERS the composer has certainly pulled out all of the stops and thrown into the ring a soundtrack that is wonderfully thematic as well as being dynamic, dramatic and highly imposing.


The composers brooding and sometimes dark and menacing compositions have about them an apprehensive aura but at the same time we have here a score that is filled with broad and expansive musical moments which at times verge on the epic when Shapiro enlists the aid of choir. The opening cue THE ALDRIDGE MANSION is a tense and foreboding piece in which strings and faraway sounding horns combine and build slowly to create an uneasy and imposing mood which verges upon but never really achieves its crescendo, but still achieves the desired effect of planting the listener firmly upon the edge of their seat. Track number two THE GARRET ATTACK after a brief introduction is a more upbeat and certainly more powerful cue, thundering percussion, and fearsome “Omen-like” choral performances push the track along at pace with strings, brass and dark sounding piano present to assist. Track number three, NEVER INVITED is a mix of action and respite, in my opinion the composer has created an old skool score which certainly works for me, brimming with strong and vibrant themes, dark and powerful cues that are enhanced and complimented by a handful of what can be categorised as lilting and melodious nuances which at times raise their heads bringing a welcomed tranquil atmosphere to a more or less non stop full throttle score. I personally was impressed by the composers approach for the movie, as I say basically a comedy with a few dark undertones and Shapiro’s music reflects this but leans more towards the dramatic and foreboding. It is overflowing with inventive and richly dark compositions that take ones breath away and at times make you jump out of your skin, this is a score to add to your collection as soon as possible. It looks like the movie is set for box office success and maybe who knows a sequel, if this does happen don’t call the GHOSTBUSTERS call Theodore Shapiro. Go Buy it now…….

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