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It’s difficult sometimes to know what to review when selecting older scores, mainly because most collectors may already have them, but I suppose with the amount of re issues that are around these days there are a few collectors who may have missed them second time around or even third time around for that matter. Italian soundtracks have always held an interest for me and I was lucky enough to experience many of the 1960, s and 1970, s releases first hand as they were released on long playing record or even at times on single with some fantastic art work on both. Plus, I was around when things like EL CID was issued on the MGM yellow label LP and even remember items such as 55 DAYS AT PEKING, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and ZULU on their original LP record release. So, in this section for the reviews in brief page I thought I would add a whole bunch of mini reviews, not too much info or waxing lyrical about a cue or the production values etc., after all a review is simply an opinion, which you as a collector may choose to ignore or disagree with. So here we have a handful of scores that may or maybe not have been re-issued, and remember this is my personal view. There will also be brief reviews of contemporary scores posted here too. I was going to opt for a simple star rating, but maybe that is just too brief. Ok so look out for, reviews in the REVIEWS IN BRIEF section very soon. images (44)


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