Back to 2014 for this score, from the RAI-TV series LA DONNE DELLA DOMENICA, which I assume is a remake of the movie of the same name that was released in 1975. The music for the original motion picture was the work of Maestro Ennio Morricone and its haunting and fully melodic themes are more than familiar to fans of the Italian musical genius. So, I suppose it is only fitting that Morricone’s Son Andrea should score the retelling of the story. Andrea’s score is just as melodic and haunting as his Fathers music for the previous cinematic version, the score containing numerous themes and motifs that are not only romantically lush but memorable. It is at times quite classical in its overall sound and style, then at other moments it becomes a more contemporary sounding work with the composer adding percussion and other upbeat support. Andrea Morricone for me is a great composer, his gift for melody and his ability to adapt to each genre of film he works on is stunning, and yields results and musical creations that are breathtakingly beautiful. This score I would say is one of his best, as I have said the thematic content is  abundant and keeps the listener immersed in a sea of rich and tuneful compositions. Within the score one can hear little references that are not dissimilar to a style that was created by his Father back in the 1960, s and the 1970, s, but at the same time there is also present a style and a sound that is all his own making,  which we heard in his scores for LIBERTY HEIGHTS etc, the orchestration is ingeniously done, brass and strings complimenting each other   with harpsichord adding support and woods also giving support and adding texture and colour to the proceedings. It is a score from the year 2014, but its sound and quality cry out that it should be from the late 1960, s. This is a refreshing and wonderful listen and a soundtrack that I recommend highly.

Available on Spotify.



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