Up for re issue very soon on vinyl is Bill Conti’s Oscar winning score for THE RIGHT STUFF (it beat Jerry Goldsmith’s UNDER FIRE). Considering that this was to be a project for composer John Barry who decided not to go through with the assignment due to “artistic differences” with the director. I think Conti did well to write such an epic sounding score in a relatively short period of time. It’s a score that not only underlines the drama, the tension and the patriotism displayed on screen but also one that is wonderful to listen to just as a collection of themes away from any storyline or images. I remember it was a while before the score or at least excerpts from the score were issued on LP record, and it was Varese Sarabande who delivered the goods to collectors once again, THE RIGHT STUFF being the A side and on the B side of the album were a handful of cues from Conti’s score for the American civil war tale NORTH AND SOUTH which was a sprawling epic TV series. Later the same recording was re-issued onto compact disc with the exact same track listing and art work. With the latest up and coming release its 100 percent THE RIGHT STUFF and it looks like an impressive package too with extra cues. Conti’s effervescent and highly stirring musical compositions will I know enthral and command the attention of any listener, so look out for this re-issue or indeed track down a copy of the CD, because NORTH AND SOUTH too is a great listen, with its Copelandish/Steiner thematic material. This is  one to add to your collection if you have not yet done so.


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