Released in 2015, CIN KUYUSU is a Turkish produced horror movie and from the few scenes I have managed to see it is one of the most frightening and jumpy in recent years. CIN KUYUSU or CHINESE WELL is a gory and very stressful film to watch filled with violent and scary scenes, some of which just seem to jump out at you without any warning. Music in Horror movies has always been important and in recent years the musical scores that have enhanced horror films have become as scary if not scarier than the films themselves. Composers such as Joseph Bishara for example have come into their own with outstanding musical works for films such as THE CONJURING 1 and 2, for example. CHINESE WELL has a soundtrack composed by Turkish composer and performer Yildiray Gurgen, who has written the music for over 30 movies, which include lush and powerful scores for films such as THE MIRACLE, THE WHITE ANGEL etc. For CIN KUYUSU the composer has enlisted the aid of synthetic elements as well as conventional instrumentation. In fact, I would think that most his score is electronic, which I must say seems to lend much to the movie and creates a soundtrack that is suitably apprehensive and foreboding. It is a dark and brooding work, filled with low sounds and at times growls rather than any music, it is a lurking and dangerous sounding work that toys with the listener’s senses, at times being very low in volume but then suddenly exploding in a torrent of sound that even without any images makes one suddenly jump. As I say I have not seen the entire movie, but the few excerpts I have managed to catch are aided greatly by the score or the sounds on the soundtrack. This is a cleverly written work which contains these half heard sounds or the sound of a crow or maybe a voice or voices whispering but then again are these actually there or does the music work so well that it tricks you into hearing these, not sure, but it is an effective and affecting working, it is a soundtrack that has the ability to make the listener feel uneasy by listening to the score on its own, my advice don’t listen through headphones and make sure its daylight when you do listen.  Scary stuff.

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