As you are probably aware I at times do say that modern film music is nowhere near as good or as thematic as material that I grew up with written by Goldsmith, Bernstein etc, the recent glut of superhero films have been disappointing both as movies and in the musical score or sound design department, let’s face it and say it, Zimmer’s Superman scores were pretty uninspiring and recent contributions from other composers seem to have fallen flat and become instantly forgettable, in fact they were forgettable as soon as they began to play in most cases. So, with WONDER WOMAN I thought yes, a glimmer of light in the musical expertise of Rupert Gregson Williams, I liked his work on TARZAN and THE CROWN too showed some little glints of light musically speaking, but sadly alas NO, WONDER WOMAN the music is not worthy of the film it is intended to enhance. Harsh I hear you say, well that’s how I hear it anyways. The movie itself I think is probably the best superhero movie to hit the screens since, ummm let me think? Oh well anyway its very good. I was disappointed in the fact that the composer really did not infuse any real originality into the score, this could be a soundtrack penned by any number of Hollywood film music composers and it just oozes with the influences of Zimmer, with its brooding strings its gradually building themes if you can call them that and its lumbering percussive elements. It is in my opinion a score that never really develops, it is always bubbling under if you see what I mean, the composer does on occasion let fly with something that approaches action or superhero stuff, but again where are the themes where are the central and core musical moments and the real foundations of the score on which great or super themes can be built, I worry about the future of film music, it seems to be stuck in the doldrums and just very occasional we get a treat, WONDER WOMAN is a very entertaining movie, well made and well-acted but the music certainly is not WONDER-FULL. I think Hollywood, has to get away from using certain composers for certain types of movies, maybe even not think HANS ZIMMER straight away, after all there are far more competent and original composers out there, maybe even think outside the box and get someone in that is fresh and new, just a thought. This movie is good, with a more substantial and vibrant score it could have been great.