I have spoken to a few composers and many of them have stated that the two genres of film that are hardest to work on are probably, Comedy and Horror. Which I would probably have to agree with, comedy because of the timing and delivering the musical punchline as it were and Horror because it’s probably difficult to determine the best time to either provide music or leave the soundtrack silent, both genres require a discipline and a certain amount of restraint from the composer because going too far or even overwriting for scenes can be unproductive for the project. One of the latest releases from Movie Score Media on their SCREAMWORKS label is JEEPERS CREEPERS 3, which has a suitably ominous and frenzied sounding score by composer Andrew Morgan Smith, like with most sequels fans of the original movie or movies in this case are always eager and quick to compare, often saying well the original was better, etc. JEEPERS CREEPERS 3, contains a soundtrack that is not all bangs, bumps and crashes, yes, it is certainly a wholesome and vibrant horror soundtrack, and contains a lot of the sinewy sounds, Icey nuances and unsettling jolts, jars and jagged stabs that we associate with the genre as a whole. But, this is a score that also has to it a side that is lighter, if that is the correct way to describe it, maybe not lighter then, but certainly less atonal, the composer at times providing softer and melodic interludes that not only are a welcome respite, from the darkness and apprehensive main score, but are a lull before the storm or a brief and welcoming harmonious break that fools the listener into a false sense of security, the work is as far as I can make out mainly symphonic with the composer employing, strings, that seem to hiss and sear their way through the work, and booming and turbulent percussion and percussive elements that are drawn together and enhanced by the use of fearsome, growling and jagged brass stabs and flourishes, and underlined and punctuated by piano, the work is for 90 percent of the time a wonderful action/horror score, with driving strings carrying it along at pace. Listening to the score, I suppose one could compare it in style and sound to the work of Joseph Bashira, or even Christopher Young, when he has scored horror pictures, it has to it an almost ferocious presence, that is chilling and un-nerving, yet at the same time attractive and compelling, and even when it is at its darkest, the composer always manages to pluck a fragment of a theme or throw the listener a hint of a motif.  There also at times hints of the style of James Horner, which are evident in the cue, HIGHWAY CHASE, which reminded me of Horner’s action music for ALIENS. Available digitally via Movie score Media and will be released on CD later in November. Recommended.