STAR TREK, has been the subject of many a reboot, in the form of either TV series or motion pictures, I have to say, I am not a Trekkie, and if you are I respect that, but have to say sometimes I just don’t understand or get the storylines. I do however know that the series of films and TV shows have all been accompanied by rousing and innovative musical scores, and with a line up of composers that the original series had alongside the likes of Jerry Goldsmith, Leonard Rosenman, James Horner, Dennis McCarthy etc etc, in later years, one cannot really be surprised at the musical legacy that this sci-fi adventure has created and compiled. The latest incarnation of the STAR TREK sagas, can be seen in STAR TREK-DISCOVERY, which is set a decade before Kirk and Spock and the voyages of the star ship enterprise. Now this is a series I will probably never get to see, but I have been lucky enough to hear the score which is composed by Jeff Russo, the composer has kept the essence of the Star Trek score within his work, but it is not however simply a reboot of previous works, the composer has fashioned a score that includes the ethos of the musical heritage of STAR TREK, but has also created his own original and distinctive musical sounds and themes, place his own musical fingerprint upon proceedings. Yes, we do hear the original STAR TREK theme from time to time, but this is taken by Russo and arranged and shaped in so many ways that the listener will think, “I recognise that, but no wait a second, what is this” The familiar sounding theme or at least elements of it, is interwoven into Russo’s original score, thus making it familiar but at the same time appearing fresh and vibrant. The orchestration is imaginative, with the composer adding depth and atmosphere to every cue via his creativity and talent. Russo not only weaves the original thematic material into his score, but at times adds a section or a fleeting moment, that could be mistaken for one of the more recent STAR TREK movies, which were scored by Michael Giacchino. The composers use of percussive elements within the score is stunning and entertaining too, he at times laces these with strings and brass to create melodic and emotive passages, which are at times slow burners, that build in momentum and stature. I think this is probably one of the best STAR TREK TV scores I have heard since, THE BORG, which had music courtesy of, Ron Jones. I enjoyed listening to Russo’s powerful and richly dark and adventurous soundtrack, and maybe just maybe it may have convinced me to venture into watching the series because the score is so good. One to add to your collection.