Another new release from the Movie Score Media stable, this is a label that must be congratulated for not only its output but also for the high standard of new film scores that it discovers and introduces to collectors. Along with these scores we are also introduced to composers that are often under our radar or overshadowed by the major film music Maestros. SKYBOUND is a 2017 thriller, with a score by German Born composer Andrew Reich, maybe you have not heard his name before or seen it on the credits to movies, but he has been involved with many motion pictures and television projects. Reich has been nominated for numerous awards and has also been the recipient of Awards for his work in film. Reich is a student of composer Christopher Young and within SKYBOUND one can certainly hear some similarities to Young’s action orientated soundtracks. Maybe similarities is the wrong word, but there are at certain points little references or maybe small quirks of orchestration that do evoke past film scores penned by Young. I love the way in which Reich employs brass and percussive elements within the work, there is a powerful and somewhat fearsome sound being cultivated throughout by the combination of these, plus the composer adds a sense of tension and urgency via effective use of strings which are at times further embellished by crashing percussion. The opening theme SKYBOUND is something of a high-octane affair, at first opening with quite easygoing strings which act as a background to solo piano, but the tempo and mood of the track is soon altered as both symphonic and electronic elements are brought into the equation, the composer introducing voices into the mix and an underlying tense meandering piano which adds an atmosphere that is filled with apprehension and foreboding. Track two, ROCKY MOUNTAINS, is also a tense affair, and begins with slightly subdued driving strings which are supported by percussion, the percussion creating an even greater depth of pressure and stress, for me the cue is like a ticking bomb which although we know will end in a destructive explosion is kind of calming in the build up to the conclusion. The composer really fashions a true sense of foreboding and exigency in the opening of this cue, but this melts away and gives way to a more serene and melodic sound which is performed on strings and woods with the assistance of voices. The piano work on the score is haunting, the composer weaving little nuances and hints of themes into the work, which he then goes onto develop further, utilizing brass and strings. SKYBOUND, is a soundtrack that I am confident will be enjoyed by many, it is commanding and potent and has to it a formidable sound. Another entertaining soundtrack release from Movie Score Media, one for your collection. I look forward to more from Andrew Reich, in the form of his up and coming score for a western entitled BULLET VEIN. SKYBOUND is available digitally on I Tunes and Spotify.



MMS17022 • SKYBOUND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ANDREW REICH
Release date (digital): December 22, 2017
1 Skybound 2:17
2 Rocky Mountains 3:40
3 Formula 2:17
4 Chicago 3:27
5 Erik Lamarr 2:38
6 Kansas 3:59
7 Surgery 4:26
8 Stowaway and Power Loss 3:58
9 New York 1:45
10 Stay Skybound 2:17
11 Minor Resolutions 1:57
12 Lisa and Kyle 1:39
13 Speed Down to 160 2:25
14 The Engine Just Shut Off 1:13
15 Major Resolutions 1:44
16 Hawaii and Theme from “Skybound” 3:37


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