I consider Tom to be the man when it comes to music from Spaghetti westerns, he has a vast knowledge of the music and the movies and is never selfish with his knowledge.


1.Why film music? And when did first become aware of music in movies?

Like all music it creates a picture in your mind and a feeling in your heart and body. It creates a mood and the really great film music can be played and enjoyed without watching the film it comes from. I guess I became aware of film music more from the late 1950s TV series and then as I got older the film music I became aware of was from Rock n Roll and Beach films.



2.What was your first record purchase, if it was not a soundtrack what was the first film music you went out and paid for?

The first record I purchased with my own money was a 45rpm of Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser”. The first film score I bought was, I’m guessing “How the West Was Won” as it was a huge record in its day.




3.Before the arrival of CDs how many soundtracks did you have in your collection on vinyl records.

Probably 300-400.

4. What was your most expensive soundtrack purchase?

My most expensive soundtrack purchase was the Japanese Spaghetti Western Encyclopedia. I bought the entire set at one time, knowing it contained vocals I had never heard and weren’t on the LPs I had. That was a real bummer in the early days of soundtracks, that most of the time the vocal you sang and hummed along with was not on the LP. A huge disappointment to collectors.


5. Do you still buy LPs. and which do you or download?

I no longer buy LPs. I don’t even have a record player anymore. After a while you get tired of buying the same scores over and over again because of a new re-release, an added track or an additional 15 seconds of music. I came to the realization I wasn’t going to buy my collection over and over again in different formats. I download material I can’t get on CD but CDs are my choice for soundtracks. I like the size and the extras as far as pictures and informative booklets. My disappointment there is little information about the composer and musicians but plenty of info on the film. I buy the CD for the music so tell me more about the music than the film.

6. Is there anything that you are looking for that maybe you have not been able to find.

Probably, but nothing I have been dying to get my hands on. There are probably some DeMasi western scores I would to get a hold of, especially the early Spanish / Italian co-productions he did with Manuel Parada.


7. What composer would you say dominates your collection?

Only two: Morricone and De Masi.




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