The score for TOUT LA-HAUT is the work of French composer Laurent Perez Del Mar, who came to many peoples notice in 2016 for his beautiful and haunting musical score for THE RED TURTLE. The composer has a wonderful gift for creating highly melodic pieces which are almost immediately imprinted upon ones sub conscious where they linger forever. TOUT LA-HAUT is I am glad to say not any different, it is a score that in one word is DELIGHTFUL or maybe more than one word DELIGHTFUL, EMOTIVE and POIGNANT. It is one of the most melodious and delicate sounding scores that I have heard in a while, every note lovingly placed every cue mesmerizingly attractive and a sheer rush of emotions and moods. There are some dialogue highlights from the movie included but these are short and sweet as they say, but in fact they are also a welcome addition to the listening experience of the soundtrack recording, as are the songs that are also included. The score is a mix of both symphonic and electronic, with the composer utilising to much effect the string and woodwind sections of the orchestra, some of the tracks are upbeat and stirring, others fragile and subtle. But overall this is a score that one could just put into the player and listen to without any need to fast forward or skip a track here and there, the composer employs solo violin and poignant tantalising piano in certain areas of the score and creates romantically laced nuances and quiet intimate themes. The score has quite a mix of instrumentation, with the, woods, strings, solo violin and piano featuring large, but there are also appearances from guitar (both acoustic and electric), percussion, brass, keyboards, solo wordless voice and at times a more contemporary sound that is executed via drums, and other percussive elements that create a backing track on which the composer layers his instrumentation. Each cue is beautiful more upbeat sections of the score, also seem to purvey a tense and uncertain atmosphere with taught strings at times entering the equation.


All in all, this is an entertaining score, and one that also displays the versatility of Laurent Perez Del Mar, one can only now look forward to what this year will bring us from this talented composer.

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