I suppose it was inevitable, yes, It’s here, DEADPOOL 2. Again, we fight the good fight or not so good fight with this highly controversial and foul mouthed super hero. On this second outing the musical score is taken care of by Tyler Bates, which I suppose is slightly less disappointing than it being Junkie XL. (or is it?) But wait do I hear a hint of the style of another Tyler in the opening track, yes, I certainly do X MEN ARRIVE is most definitely got leanings towards something that could be Brian Tyler or even John Debney from both of those composers IRON MAN scores. Ok lets just move on shall we, next track FIGHTING DIRTY, ummmm yep, there it is again, Tyler raising his head within the Bates penned cue, choir and booming percussion working alongside brass and driving strings, not sure what the choir are actually singing here, it all gets a little tangled and muddled. I think what I am saying is, if you buy the score for DEADPOOL 2, expecting something that is different or even slightly original, well wow, are you going to be disappointed and maybe you, like I will think didn’t Bates get into hot water once before for a score sounding like something else. I am not saying that DEADPOOL 2, is not a high octane score or even a damp squib of an offering, it’s just, well, it could be IRON MAN, IRON MAN 2, or even well, IRON MAN 3, and maybe THOR all ‘a Tyler as well. The theme that is belted out during the obviously high action scenes resembles the central theme written by Brian Tyler a few years back for the IRON MAN pictures. So yes, it’s good, but where is Brian Tyler credited???? OK,  go to track number 3, HELLO SUPER POWERS, (why Hi there how ya doing?). OK, listen, powerful stuff yes? Good, however I don’t want to be a kill joy or anything like that, But, now let’s go to, IRON MAN 3, and take a listen to the theme, Yep, so you noticed it too….(you have a good ear). Thought so very similar isn’t it, in fact I mixed the two tracks and it was so simple to do because they were almost identical, Oh dear Mr Bates…this could be a tricky. Apart from the obvious similarities between the scores I have mentioned, DEADPOOL 2, is not a bad sounding work, it is robust and action led, and also has a number of tracks that contain choral work, some of which is as irreverent as the central character himself, in the form of HOLY Sxxx BALLS and YOU CANT STOP THIS MOTHER FXXXXX. (wash your mouth out Mr Bates).  I can’t say to you this is brilliant this is great, because it really is not, but I suppose it’s another example of superhero or Marvel character movies being uniform and at times uninspiring. Saying that if you like the Hussle, bustle and tussle of action cues that are relentless and rely a lot on the repeat instruction from the composer and a mish mash of electronic percussion and droning or high pitched stabs, it may be for you. You, might like it all down to personal taste or lack of it I suppose. A case of the film being more exciting than the score here, which is a turn up for the comic book, notice I did not say a case of the film being better than the score, I wont go there even. Not for me I am afraid, as I already have the IRON MAN scores thanks.