Anything new from composer Christopher Young is always welcomed as far as I am concerned, his latest work is for a Video Game entitled WILSONS HEART. This is a dark addition to the composers already impressive and inventive catalogue of film music, at times the soundtrack being impish and mischievous and although the work does leans towards the apprehensive and fearsome it also contains several musical moments, motifs, nuances, and passages that are lilting, haunting and richly melodic. Young is a master of the music for the macabre, one only has to listen to that grand waltz like theme for HELLRAISER to realise that when Young writes he produces musical themes that are not only perfect for the images on screen but also are wonderful to listen to away from those images. His score for WILSONS HEART is an inventive one, the composer employing sounds that are musical and otherwise to conjure up an otherworldly atmosphere that literally drips fear, distress and foreboding and creates moods that are unsettling and somewhat disturbing in their sound and construction. The composer utilises driving strings at certain points especially in the more symphonic moments of the score, but there are many noises put to effective use and these at times odd and disconcerting sounds are responsible for giving the work a highly original overall sound. Christopher Young is in my opinion one of todays Masters in the field of music for film and television, one only has to see his name on a compact disc to know that this will be a quality score and WILSONS HEART is no exception to this rule, I found it an interesting and entertaining listening experience which is certainly innovative, it is one of those scores that as soon as one has finished listening you immediately reach for the repeat button so that you can savour it all over again. This is a score that is full of musical surprises, dark and ominous, at times a little chaotic (in a good way), but, above all it is original. It is also a work that contains magnificently rich compositions that evoke the days of film scoring as we might remember when the composer first became known to collectors, but it also has a contemporary sound to it as well, the composer fuses both styles with ease to fashion a sound that is all his own. Recommended without reservation.

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