Another strong release from Movie Score Media,  DEVIL’S TREE is a horror movie that contains an interesting and certainly an original score from composer Chad Cannon. I say interesting because of the way in which the composer has orchestrated the work and original because of the highly volatile and unpredictable themeatic material that the composer has fashioned to accompany, support and underline the intriguing and at times shocking moments that take place within the movie. You probably have heard the work of Cannon before without realising it, as he has worked on numerous scores alongside composers such as Howard Shore (THE HOBBIT), Alexandre Desplat (GODZILLA) where he worked on the orchestration and was also a member of the orchestration team for Conrad Pope. So, Cannon is certainly no stranger to the world of scoring movies and as I have already stated has created an interesting work for  DEVIL’S TREE. Although this is a horror movie there is far more to the music than the usual, stabs and sharp tense sounds, the composer utilises the organ to great effect within the score, but not in the normal way an organ is used in a horror movie, this is creative and intelligent writing and a clever spin on the use of an instrument that is so readily associated with music in horror films. The composer takes the heart of the instrument and creates a kind of pulsing breathy effect rather than a grand and striking statement, he supports this with various percussive elements, dark sounding piano and searing underlying strings, that also seem to swirl menacingly in background throughout the work, he also makes effective use of brass and includes a sprinkling of synthetic sounds which bolster the conventional instruments. The ominous sounding dark low strings are also effective and when fused with the organ and enhanced further by delicately placed piano and icy sounding strings become chilling and unsettling. This is more than just music from a horror film, it is wonderful film music.

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