Composer Eric Neveux has been responsible for numerous wonderful film scores over the last few years. His score for IL ETAIT DE FORET still haunts me, in a nice way of course. He also wrote some outstanding music for the movies HIDEAWAYS, RICHARD THE STORK, ZOMBILLENIUM, CEZANNE ET MOI, as well as composing for TV on series such as BORGIA seasons 1,2 and 3, UN VILLAGE FRANCAIS, DIGNITY and FLIGHT OF THE STORKS. To say that Maestro Neveux is talented and innovative is certainly a vast understatement. One of his scores that has been released recently is LES AVENTURES DE SPIROU ET FANTASIO. Right from the word go this is a score that delights and entertains, it is a soundtrack that I feel is written in a retro style and evokes the themes and sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s when films had themes that the watching audience could pick up on and maybe even leave the cinema humming or whistling them. The work for me evokes the quirkiness of composers such as Michel Magne and Francois De Roubaix whilst at the same time evoking the jazz sounds as displayed by composers such as Lalo Schifrin when he worked on series such as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and Jerry Goldsmith when he worked on the FLINT films. It also contains some very original orchestration along the way and the composer makes effective use of both symphonic and synthetic mediums. I love the way he utilises organ and husky sounding woods, which are underlined and supported by percussive elements, the composer marvellously creates a sense of tension, apprehension and incorporates a style and sound that remains rhythmic and upbeat throughout.

I am a sucker for big bold upbeat themes that fuse big band sounds with that of driving symphonic performances and we have enough of these in this score to keep everyone happy. Maybe I should not compare the music of this talented composer with that of others, but I am just attempting to relay to you what sort of sound he has managed to achieve here. Every cue is a delight, each track is entertaining, and every note is a joy. Just when you think it cannot get any better, it suddenly does, it is one of those scores that just keeps delighting the listener. It is light, it is melodic and highly thematic, which for me is a perfect film score, because it manages all of this and works well with the movie too. This is a work I cannot recommend enough, it is grand and robust, lilting and beautiful as well as being powerful and superbly enriching.  All I can say is more please, and maybe Eric Neveux for the next Bond movie, now theres a thought. If you thought Brian Tyler’s end theme music for IRON MAN was cool, then boy are you in for treat with this score.