Based upon the true-life events of the HATTON GARDEN robbery, KING OF THIEVES is an entertaining and engrossing movie. The same can be said of the musical score which is composed by Benjamin Wallfisch. The sound realised for the soundtrack is a combination of contemporary and has to it a slightly 1960’s edge in some of the cues. The composer utilising big band styles that are combined with jazz orientated sections and dramatic and tense thematic material that I think you will agree sounds like a fusion of the styles of Quincy Jones and John Barry. But, there is also present a style that is driving and action led. This could be the soundtrack to another instalment of the SHAFT series or even the score for a new Harry Palmer tale or maybe THE MAN FROM UNCLE? This is a slick and sophisticated work, filled with toe tapping musical lines and has to it that big band sound on which the composer builds a more dramatic and tense sounding score. On listening to it and not being aware of the composer, the names Fielding, Schifrin, Barry, Goldsmith, Hayes and Legrand come to mind.



There was a movie released in the 1960’s entitled ROBBERY music was by Johnny Keating I think, and he successfully mixed jazz sounds with that of the dramatic, creating an effecting soundtrack that supported and enhanced the movie. I believe Wallfisch has succeeded in creating a score that not only fits the movie like a glove but also has fashioned music that is highly entertaining on its own. In fact, it’s an album that one could put on and just listen to without it being connected in any way to the movie. Legrand did it with THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, Schifrin with BULLIT and Barry on movies such as THE IPCRESS FILE.




The composer combines the brassy sounds of big band with strings and woods and punctuates these with bass and electric guitar which are augmented by effective usage of cymbalom. This is just an entertaining musical romp which is highlighted by the jazz arrangement of THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY in the form of THE SUGAR PLUM RAID, its fresh, fun and one to add to the collection, Now.

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