Directed by filmmaker Mark Pellington, NOSTALGIA is I suppose like a compilation of personal stories that are all linked by the way possessions are an important part of remembering ones past and recalling people, places and scenarios within a life. I know that I remember certain times bad or good if I hear a particular piece of music or find an old photograph, its not just the photo or the music that affects me but it is the memories that you recall and images that coming flooding back because of that piece of music or that photograph and in some cases my recollections have been triggered by a smell or a taste.




So, I think this is the focus of the movie’s storyline. It is also about love and loss within a lifetime and about people, possessions and occurrences that shape and effect that life. As you can imagine this is a very intimate and personal movie, and one that I would say is absorbing, affecting and touching. For the musical score composer Laurent Eyquem created fragile and delicate tone poems that are filled with emotion, melancholy and poignant melodies. These melodies are in fact so affecting and haunting it is hard to listen to the soundtrack without becoming emotional. The composer utilises cello, strings and piano in the main to weave an alluring collection of themes that mesmerise the listener. The sound of the piano underlined by soft and subdued strings is quite stunning, the melodic content of the themes at times overwhelming one’s emotions. The trumpet also plays an important part within the score, at times the softly played instrument mirrors or embellishes the piano’s melodies but at the same time is responsible for adding greater depth and atmosphere to the proceedings.


The composer has written a score of immense beauty that is elegant and graceful, it is also a score that contains many textures and colours that are sensitive and refined. This is an incredibly expressive work which I have listened to over and over many times and each time I am moved and affected by its delicacy and tenderness. To say one cue is better than another is impossible, or to name a highlight or stand out piece is something I cannot do with this score, as each track on the release is simply exquisite, it is a score that I know you will revisit again and again after your first listen, I also know that like me you will be mesmerised and affected by each note, each theme and each track as the alluring melodies wash over you and invade your mind. This is a must have soundtrack.