Sometimes I do not review certain soundtracks, Why because they are not good? No not really its sometimes because they are so good, that I am not sure if my review or my words to describe them will be enough or eloquent enough to describe what I am hearing. This is the case with one of composer Guy Farley’s scores. MODIGLIANI is such a theme laden work and also one that is filled with so many emotive, poignant and heart wrenching musical moments, I struggle to put into words the emotions and feelings I am experiencing. It is a score that contains beautifully crafted tone poems and wonderfully created musical passages, that are at times intricate and on other occasions are simple. Delicate, fragile and romantic the work also has to it a dramatic and highly addictive sound and style. The touching and alluring melodies caress and envelope the listener and send tantalising shivers through their mind, soul and body. Guy Farley is a composer who is I think underrated, but in recent years this is changing as more and more collectors become aware of his talent and superb gift for melody. I think that MODIGLIANI is probably one of his best works for cinema and that is certainly saying something as the composer has fashioned so many scores for both TV and cinema it is hard to even single out four or five let alone just one. However, MODIGLIANI I have to say has immense qualities in composition, orchestration and performance that for me just stand out. The haunting and attractive melodies are in my opinion not to distant from the style of John Williams when that composer is in romantic mode, there is a richness and also a lush and lavish sound present and although the melodious parts are intimate rather than grandiose, they still are affecting and effective. Morricone also manages to achieve this mood in a number of his scores, i.e., THE RED TENT, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA etc., Farley also includes some interesting ethnic sounding pieces which are percussive and vocal, which keep the work fresh and add depth and vibrancy to it. That is all I can say really, apart from, please check this score out if you have not done so already, it is an enriching and rewarding listening experience.