I know I say this a lot, but. Movie score Media have done it again, they have not only brought us a soundtrack that oozes quality but have again succeeded in introducing another young composer to the soundtrack collecting fraternity. The soundtrack is from the movie OMA MAA and the composer is Pessi Levanto. Now the composer maybe a new name to us but he as already created the scores for a number of feature films. All of which I hope to listen to in due course. The score for OMA MAA is fully symphonic and has to it a melodious and haunting sound. The composer fashioning rich and beautifully constructed tone poems which have to them a subdued lushness that are tinged with fragility and poignancy. Levanto combines strings with woods and piano that together bring to fruition highly alluring and attractive themes. Within the score there are sections which are given over to pensive sounding woods which are punctuated by harp and embellished with strings, their content being of the more romantic or melancholy leaning, but the composer also utilises the same instrumentation to bring forth dramatic and more urgent sounding pieces, combining the three types of instrumentation to great effect. There is a sadness present throughout the score that is emotive, its musical persona making a big impression or impact upon the listener, at times the style employed could easily be mistaken for the sound that is achieved by composers such as Rachel Portman or Debbie Wiseman, the richness and appeal of the thematic properties shining through and beckoning the listener to explore further. The work is a brief one unfortunately, with a duration of just 30 minutes. But the short running time is made up for by the abundance of themes. This one of those scores that you would probably look at in a record store and deliberate over for a while before committing to buying it, as there is not much info about the movie, and the composer being somewhat unknown outside of his native Finland, but you know when you take that chance and it pays off well OMA MAA is one of those cases, take a chance on it, check it out and be amazed, entertained and rewarded. You need to hear this.


Coinciding with the film’s wide release in Finnish cinemas, Movie Score Media presents Pessi Levanto’s score for the historical romantic drama Oma Maa. Directed and co-written by Markku Pölönen, the film is about the post-war reconstruction of Finland, following a heartfelt love story from the end of the war in 1945 until the country’s hosting of the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. Starring Oona Airola and Konsta Laakso as the romantic leads, Oma Maa opens on October 26, 2018 all over Finland.

1 Suite from “Oma Maa” 3:56
2 Opening and Ambush 2:12
3 Kiss 1:49
4 The Bakery 1:21
5 Bad News 2:14
6 Wedding 0:57
7 A New Home 2:50
8 Happiness 2:21
9 Annis Dreams 1:56
10 Winter Scenery 2:26
11 The Fire 1:42
12 Aftermath 3:28
13 The Letter and the End 1:38
14 Epilogue 1:17

MMS18022 • OMA MAA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by PESSI LEVANTO
Release date (digital): October 26, 2018