The exceptionally talented Italian born film director Domiziano Cristopharo , created his own personal a version of MACBETH in 2017. The aptly titled MAD MACBETH was set in a futuristic timeline, with its appearance being more like films such as to MAD MAX and SALUTE TO THE JUGGER than the original vision of the great English play-write. The film which was shot in KOSOVO in locations such as half decaying buildings, deprived areas, refuse tips and scrap yards, has a rawness to it that is uncomfortable at times, its industrial and desolate appearance purveys an atmosphere that depicts an uneasy and tense mood. I think we are all familiar with MACBETH which is a story that is already dark and apprehensive. MAD MACBETH succeeds in retaining the darkness and also the violent and mysterious persona of the original play, but the director puts his own original spin upon proceedings, and although Cristopharo sticks to the plot or at least fragments of it and uses these as a foundation to his screenplay the film maker is successful in bringing the story into a post apocalyptic and uncertain time period whilst at the same time giving it a more Lovecraftian feel.



Cristopharo, again turns to the impressive acting talents of Merita Budakova and Hailil Budakova who both give entertaining performances that are also believable. The movie contains a number of scenes which are violent but I have to say this is far from gratuitous or over done or violence for the sake of it. It also has to it a mysterious and shadowy air which keeps the audience on its guard at all times. Maybe not one of the easiest movies to sit and watch but one that will leave any audience with lingering memories. For a movie made on a relatively minimal budget the production values are of a high standard with the costumes and also the make up being of an above average standard, exemplary cinematography and an outstanding musical score.


The music for MAD MACBETH is dark and brooding and thickly laced with atmospheric and mysterious musical passages, the score is the work of the highly talented composing duo Salvatore Sangiovanni and Susan DiBona. Although they work as a collaborative each has their own particular unique musical voice and together are responsible for penning numerous film scores and television soundtracks. The music for MAD MACBETH is powerful but in a low key fashion, the composers marking and enhancing the many moods of the movie, creating a rich and colourful support for its compulsive storyline. The soundtrack will be released very soon on KRONOS RECORDS who also released the composers excellent score for THE TRANSPARENT WOMAN which was a homage to the musical world of Italian Giallo and also saluted the likes of Morricone, Cipriani, Nicolai etc






Susan DiBona.

Born 18 February 1974 in New Haven, CT.
Composer for film and television, conductor, pianist, educator.
Winner, Global Music Awards 2015 Silver Medals for Composition/Composer and Original Soundtrack Film&Television. Study of Piano and Theory with Leopold Godowsky III, nephew of George Gershwin, piano with Thomas A. Martin. Study of European Languages (Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, ancient Greek) and Literature at Barnard College/Columbia University, New York. Study of cello, viola bassoon, organ, flute. Participated in NYU/ASCAP Buddy Baker Film Scoring Workshop, New York University. Study of Latin American Literature at Connecticut College. Susan has conducted the Berliner Symphoniker, Studio Ensemble of New York Philharmonic, various studio recording ensembles in Berlin and Italy, Choir The Art of Contrast (Berlin), Neuma/Ensemble for Medieval Music (Berlin), and various church and studio choirs. Has toured as assistant musical director and orchestrator for musicals in USA and across Europe. Vocal coach for Star Search television show, Germany.
Performances in venues such as Berliner Philharmonie, ICC Berlin, Woolsey Hall, Lincoln Center, Goodpeed-at-Chester, Theater of St. George’s College, Buenos Aires, Nikolaisaal, Potsdam (Germany). Performed private Gershwin recital at the Godowsky Estate in New England. Has written many scores for popular primetime television series and movies broadcast in Europe and the Americas. Her feature films have been shown in international cinemas and at festivals such as Comiccon, Cannes, Berlinale, Fantasia Film Festival, Filmfest Hamburg and Filmfest Oldenburg. Currently producing and composing for film projects in her own music production studios in southern Italy. Member of the Faculty of Classical Piano, Accademia Musicale Cameristi di Laos, Santa Maria del Cedro, Italy.



Salvatore Sangiovanni.
born 14 August 1980 in Praia a Mare, Italy.
Concert pianist, jazz pianist, composer, educator.
Winner, Global Music Awards 2015 Silver Medals for Composition/Composer and Original Soundtrack Film&Television. Education: The Royal School of London, Diploma in Piano Performance, as well as private study of piano performance with Maestro José Lepore, following the pianistic school of Claudio Arrau. Currently working towards Doctorate in Concert Piano Performance and historical performance techniques with Gianmaria Bonino at the Conservatorio di Alessandria, Italy.
Master class in jazz piano performance with Michael Camilo (Juilliard).
Winner of 15 international piano competitions. Participated in master classes in orchestration, Russian piano technique, film music composition, and orchestration. Composed 4 original operas which have toured in Italy and Czech Republic. Jazz performances in concerts and festivals across Italy. 2015 USA concert premiere performing Liszt Sonata in B-minor and compositions of Susan DiBona in Gagnon Auditorium, Clinton, CT, USA. Performed private Gershwin recital at the Godowsky Estate in New England. Has conducted Orchestra Cameristi di Laos, Italy; Chamber Orchestra of Ostrava, Czech Republic; Chamber Orchestra Città di Priverno, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Calabria.Besides performing virtuoso classical piano repertoire and jazz, he currently works as a film composer for various documentaries, shorts, and features for Italian independent productions and national TV. Founder and Artistic Director of the state-accredited Accademia Musicale Cameristi di Laos, Santa Maria del Cedro, Italy, associated with Conservatory of Music of Alessandria.
I spoke to the composers about MAD MACBETH.

How did you become involved with MAD MACBETH?
Domiziano de Cristopharo, with whom we have worked on various projects (including Mad Macbeth, Pieces of Me, etc), called us and asked if we were interesting in scoring this film.
Kronos - Copy

Your score is very dark in its sound and style, were you given any specific instructions by the Director as to what route you should take musically? –

He gave us some references to 80s and 90s films, but for the most part, we were allowed lots of creative space. We see the score as an homage to those action movies done by composers such as Basil Poledouris, Cannon Films productions, Vangelis, hairspray heavy metal, plus old action and crime shows we used to watch on TV. There’s a lot of irony in it.
There is also the use of guitar within the score, did you and Susan perform on the soundtrack and What size orchestra did you utilise and what percentage of the score was performed by synths?



We performed every bit ourselves. The only actual instruments are flute and voice, the rest are samples and synths.

How much time did you have to complete the score? –
We finished the score in 10 days, plus 2 days of mixing. The film is about 90 minutes long, and our actual score contains over 80 minutes of music! The harmonic structure was improvised to the film in real time, all first takes from start to finish, then we went back over it, taking turns like a game, and added more layers of instrumentation as we saw fit. It was probably the most fun we’ve ever had in the studio.