I have to admit loving this score from the first moment I heard it which must have been back in 2013/2014. Music in documentaries has come a long way in the past decade and the music for wildlife programmes or series seems to be a genre of documentary that just cries out for powerful and haunting scores. RUSSLAND or WILD RUSSIA is an epic series of films that contain stunning and commanding images and these images needed equally powerful, thoughtful and majestic music to enhance, support and enrich the events that are being filmed. RUSSLAND is a regal and lush sounding work and a score that is filled to overflowing with rousing, lilting and melancholy musical passages. Composer Kolja Erdmann has fashioned a soundtrack that is not only attractive and engrossing but one that is emotive, poignant, romantic and at times dark and fearful. There is a rawness to the music that goes hand in hand with the unforgiving terrain of Siberia and a softness and fragility that accompanies the ever uncertain world of the wild and its inhabitants. The score is beautifully written and is also for the most part symphonic although the composer does employ electronic support in a handful of cues, which works with the conventional instrumentation to create delicious sounding pieces that are vibrant and fresh. The music has a lavish and rich sound that is purveyed by brass, string and wood sections that are augmented and given greater impact via the use of, rumbling percussion and mesmerising choral work and solo voice performances. In many ways the soundtrack reminded me a lot of FIRE AND SWORDS by Polish composer Krzesimir Debski, it has that kind of style and creates both an exciting and melodic aura The release of the music for the series is just a selection of the highlights of the scores, containing the principal themes and I hope that someday soon the entire soundtrack may get a release. You might have difficulty getting the CD release as it was scarce when the series was new, but I can tell you that it is available on both I Tunes and Spotify. This is an entertaining score and also an intriguing and interesting one, my advice seek it out and be amazed. It is a truly stunning work.