Since the release of his music for the movie REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, Clint Mansell has become a much sought-after composer, performer and arranger. Mansell was born on January 7th, 1963 in Coventry England. His film scores are mostly created via electronic or synthetic means, but Mansell has the unique ability to create beautiful and heartfelt rich themeatic compositions using synthetics which is a rare talent. He first became noticed during the 1980’s when he was a member of the band POP WILL EAT ITSELF, he would take on the role of vocalist and guitarist and had a vital role in the creation of the bands innovative and highly unique sound and style. It was in 1998 when Mansell’s long-time friend Darren Aronofsky asked the musician to write the score for a thriller entitled Pi.

In the end Mansell contributed just three of his own pieces to the movies soundtrack and went onto to select other musical cues to support the movie, but this was enough to place him on the radar of numerous filmmakers all of whom wanted his unique talent to enhance their movies. Two years later Mansell and Aronofsky collaborated once again for REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Both the film and its highly atmospheric score were a major success. With the composer utilising The Kronos Quartet to purvey his visionary style and sound. This was a landmark score for Mansell, and he became an in-demand commodity after this, working on many movies that were sadly not deserving of his ample talents. In recent years his stand out soundtracks include BLACK SWAN, HIGH RISE, MOON, ABANDON, SAHARA and one of his latest OUT OF THE BLUE.




When you think of the innovative sound and style of the band RADIOHEAD you probably do not expect their front man and master of all instruments performer Johnny Greenwood to be linked with a classically trained background or indeed a string of highly original film scores. Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood was born in Oxford in the United Kingdom on November 5th, 1971. His most readily linked with Alternative rock and experimental rock musical genres but there is certainly more to this gifted instrumentalist than these two areas of music. Greenwood excels in the playing of Odnes Martenot, Piano, Keyboards and Guitar. He and his Brother Colin Greenwood who is the bassist in Radiohead both attended The Abingdon School in Oxford, where they met their future band members. Greenwood was the youngest of the group and was also the final one to become a member of the band. He began by performing harmonica and keyboards but soon moved on to also play lead guitar. The bands success led Greenwood to abandon his musical studies because they had been signed by a major recording label. Greenwood was always expanding his repertoire of instruments and is proficient in viola, drums and also bass guitar. Greenwood took his experience from performing with Radiohead and used it when he began to break into writing for film. His unique artistry and use of sampling, looping and programming helped the composer establish himself as a talented and highly creative and original writer for the cinema and he has over a relatively short period of time become a much in demand composer, arranger and performer within the film score arena.



His first solo work was for the documentary movie BODYSONG which was released in 2003.


Four years later Greenwood scored the feature film THERE WILL BE BLOOD which was directed by film maker Paul Thomas Anderson, the score which had a style and sound that was likened to the music of Bernard Hermann became popular amongst not only fans of RADIOHEAD but also amongst steadfast soundtrack collectors. Since the success of THERE WILL BE BLOOD Greenwood has scored every movie by director Anderson including INHERENT VICE and THE MASTER, in 2018 he was nominated for an Academy Award for best original score for PHANTOM THREAD, which was in a way Greenwood’s coming of age score and further established him as one of the rising stars of movie music.