Since the release of his music for the movie REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, Clint Mansell has become a much sought-after composer, performer and arranger. Mansell was born on January 7th, 1963 in Coventry England. His film scores are mostly created via electronic or synthetic means, but Mansell has the unique ability to create beautiful and heartfelt rich themeatic compositions using synthetics which is a rare talent. He first became noticed during the 1980’s when he was a member of the band POP WILL EAT ITSELF, he would take on the role of vocalist and guitarist and had a vital role in the creation of the bands innovative and highly unique sound and style. It was in 1998 when Mansell’s long-time friend Darren Aronofsky asked the musician to write the score for a thriller entitled Pi.

In the end Mansell contributed just three of his own pieces to the movies soundtrack and went onto to select other musical cues to support the movie, but this was enough to place him on the radar of numerous filmmakers all of whom wanted his unique talent to enhance their movies. Two years later Mansell and Aronofsky collaborated once again for REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Both the film and its highly atmospheric score were a major success. With the composer utilising The Kronos Quartet to purvey his visionary style and sound. This was a landmark score for Mansell, and he became an in-demand commodity after this, working on many movies that were sadly not deserving of his ample talents. In recent years his stand out soundtracks include BLACK SWAN, HIGH RISE, MOON, ABANDON, SAHARA and one of his latest OUT OF THE BLUE.

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