Paraty Records 917154 cd.  review by John Williams.


Was it Miklos Rozsa who said, if a piece of music is good enough, then there is no reason why there can’t be many interpretations? Possible not, though, it has a even reason and clarity to certainly apply to this winning combination of music from the Cinema played by noted Violinist Isabelle Durin and Pianist Michael Ertzscheid. Certainly, if any theme could dovetail neatly into this interpretation it is John Williams’ theme to SCHINDLER’S LIST, here exquisitely played with heart wrenching emotion that for a moment, even Mr Williams’ version is neatly eclipsed.

I always think that Solo piano and Violin can portray Jewish moods and emotions that a large ensemble just cannot portray. The Jewish connection is also well to the fore in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and Michel Legrand’s YENTL from themes from this score, “A Piece of Sky” gently flows and is a wonderful reminder of how superb a tune smith Michel Legrand was. This track had a much lighter feel and shows a great deal of thought has been put into assembling a well-balanced album, that contains many emotions.
I feel Maestro Georges Delerue would have been suitably proud if he could have heard “Le Concerto de L’Adieu” and “La Passante du Sans – Souci” Two scores I admit not being aware of, but certainly whets one’s appetite to hear more Two themes I must admit I thought I would never hear in this form was Alfred Newman’s “Diary of Anne Frank” and Ernest Gold’s “Exodus”. I approached them with some trepidation, but I should have had no fear. Two wonderful film themes, with Jewish overtones beautifully played. I admit to being very moved with “Exodus” especially.


Two themes by the great Philippe Sarde and James Newton Howard complete this unusual but very rewarding album. You can talk and write about music till the cows come home, but music is a purely emotional experience. Sometimes it is not there. We look forward to a certain score or album, and then saddened when it is not up the expectations. No worries on that score here. I loved the album. and after a near lifetime – not quite thankfully! ! – of listening to music, it takes a lot for me to warm something new. I am truly glad to have discovered Ms. Durin and look forward with anticipation to any future albums.



I sincerely urge you to listen to this wonderful Cinema oriented album, by the marvellous Ms Durin and the superb Mr Ertzscheid. If this review makes just one Music lover go out and buy and listen to his, then I am genuinely happy Me? well, I am going back to listen to it all over again!!!

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