Composer Benjamin Wallfisch has always been industrious and busy, he has written the music to many varied projects and is at home scoring TV or feature film, recently we have seen the many sides and styles of this composer with scores for big movies such as the re-boot of Stephen Kings IT, KING OF THIEVES, BLADE RUNNER 2049 (with Hans Zimmer), ANNABELLE CREATION, DARKEST MINDS and this year already SERENITY, HELLBOY and HOSTILE PLANET. I do also want to make mention of his excellent work on the movie BITTER HARVEST and his brilliant soundtrack for CONQUEST 1453.




One of his latest assignments is for the big screen version of SHAZAM, and in my opinion this is probably one of his most entertaining scores to date, it is overflowing with a plethora of rich heroic themes and contains a more delicate and even at times fragile side to it. After hearing the composers score for HELLBOY and being undecided about it, I was pleased to be totally convinced with SHAZAM, there is just so much here that one could not fail to be entertained, thrilled and engulfed by the superb music of Wallfisch. SHAZAM is for the majority of its duration symphonic, but like all or most scores for films nowadays it also relies on electronic or synthetic support and embellishment, the composer fuses these styles and sounds together flawlessly and at times one is hard pressed to even separate the two. The score contains a sound that evokes memories of composers such as Goldsmith and Newman when he scored THE PHANTOM it is an imposing and grand work with the composer thankfully including lush themes stirring anthems and melancholy sounding motifs that shine and shimmer throughout. As with all great superhero themes the composer has penned a fairly simple composition for the central character, but this is the appeal its not complex or complicated it just announces and supports our hero and when it is heard one just knows that SHAZAM is around. A really entertaining score even within its fast-paced action cues, because amongst all the action we still are treated to glimpses of themes and snippets of the scores core sounds. Recommended, yes most certainly.