Marvel continues its domination of the cinematic superheroes market with its latest addition AVENGERS END GAME. Music for this recent tale of numerous superheroes is courtesy of seasoned film music composer Alan Silvestri, and if you don’t know who he is well where you been? Silvestri has had a crammed packed career in film music and has been responsible for scoring so many block busters and popular movies during his career. The BACK TO THE FUTURE franchise, FORREST GUMP, JUDGE DREDD, VAN HELSING, CONTACT, CASTAWAY, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, THE QUICK AND THE DEAD, you name it his done it and done it good. He has created some of the most robust, vibrant and iconic themes for both film and TV, and after a period of virtual retirement he has returned in recent years to provide music for movies that have attracted the attention of cinema audiences and critics alike. His involvement with the AVENGERS series began in 2011, when he scored CAPTAIN AMERICA-THE FIRST AVENGER, next came AVENGERS ASSEMBLE which was followed by AVENGERS INFINITY WAR and now has fashioned an energetic, anthem like but also emotion filled soundtrack for AVENGERS END GAME. Silvestri’s trademark driving strings give force and purpose to rasping and growling brass which features prominently within the score, both of these components are supported and embellished by percussive elements which when all three come together provide a platform or foundation for the remainder of Silvestri’ s relentless and otherworldly sounding work. This is a score that is at times fast paced and relentless, but no matter how action led the music becomes the composer never looses sight of thematic properties which he incorporates into the fabric of the work to keep it fresh and interesting throughout, the composer adds nice touches and also creates a more contemporary style via use of upbeat and up tempo musical passages and flurries that burst forth or jump out at the listener as if from nowhere. There are also numerous soft and subtle touches, with piano and saxophone combining at one point to create an almost sensual or even sleazy mood, jazz influenced interludes also make an appearance, but are themselves tinged with a darker and more robustly action infused persona which to be honest is never very far away in any of the cues. Silvestri’s experience and talent shines through wonderfully on this score and only consolidates his position as a gifted composer, conductor and arranger in the film music business. One to check out, a worthy addition to your collection.